Tuesday, 8 Sya'ban 1439 / 24 April 2018

Tuesday, 8 Sya'ban 1439 / 24 April 2018



Asian Games torch to cross 53 cities, districts

The Asian Games torch relay will start on July 15.



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National Politics

Wiranto discusses May Day security preparation with police

The police are still waiting for the report on the number of demonstrators.

7 hours ago

National Politics

Three foreigners detained for human trafficking

The three suspects were arrested last month in different regions.

8 hours ago

National Politics

SBY urges govt to clarify alleged foreign workers' onslaught

SBY says the government should response to public unrest on the allegation.

9 hours ago

National Politics

Vice Chairman of PAN supports SBY idea on forming third axis

The third axis will offer new candidate in presidential election 2019.

10 hours ago

National Politics

Ojek online drivers demand legalization of their status

Ojek online drivers also complain about low price fare determined by the applicators.

10 hours ago

National Politics

Sodik explains Prabowo speech over attempted bribery

Prabowo claims he was once asked to not running in presidential election 2019.

11 hours ago

National Politics

Fadli sees efforts to raise opinion Prabowo to be king maker

Fadli reiterates Prabowo will run in the presidential election 2019.

13 hours ago

National Politics

Population of Sumatran tigers reaches 400

Sumatran tigers is currently in the brink of extinction.

14 hours ago

National Politics

Surabaya police nabs three suspects selling bootleg liquor

Police catch Surabaya citizens for producing and selling deadly alcoholic drink.

14 hours ago

National Politics

Lack of teachers poses serious problem: Minister

Every year tens of thousands of teachers are retired.

15 hours ago

National Politics

Ojek online drivers hold demonstration

Ojek online drivers calls on govt to prepare regulations regarding their existance.

16 hours ago

National Politics

House speaker calls on govt to monitor money circulation

Counterfeit money circulation to increase ahead the simultaneous regional election.

at Monday, 23 April 2018, 03:28

National Politics

Vietnamese ship impounded for encroaching on Indonesia

The Vietnamese ship carrying 29 thousand tons of rice.

at Monday, 23 April 2018, 02:27

National Politics

Three more people die after alcoholic drink party

Police are busy raiding shops selling alcoholic drinks mainly in big cities in Java.

at Monday, 23 April 2018, 00:40


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